Hi, I'm Jaime. I'm a country girl and love living here in the country. In my free time I enjoy creating hand crafted cards, rollerblading, swimming and just about anything in the great outdoors.

In 1999 at 16 years old I started building websites. It was often hard to find text that looked good for headings, so I downloaded the free version of Paint Shop and with the help of a couple online tutors I started creating my own headings and backgrounds. One of the websites I created had a chat room on it and I had a hard time finding small graphics that worked good in the chat room, so I started customizing some graphics and also created a few of my own. About a year later I started using Photo Shop to create graphics, but I miss some of the features of Paint Shop, so I purchased Paint Shop Pro and I now use both. I also scan images like my cards and I polish them up for the website. Many of the graphics on CyberGifs.com are my own creations and I also customized some of the graphics. I hope you enjoy my graphics and I hope you find one that will put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

In 2001 I took some graphics courses at the local college.

Latest News: I've met the love of my life. To see a picture of us and read about us, Click Here

If you'd like to purchase hand crafted greeting cards, I sell my cards for a very reasonable price. I also create custom headings, backgrounds and logos, so if your interested in my work please drop me a line and tell me what your looking for.

Graphic Created by Jaime