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These are pictures of my Sweetie and I. He is a real sweetheart, gentleman and very cute. We met online on June 10th 2002. He lives in Wisconsin and I live in South Dakota. We have so much in common and enjoy doing the same things, I'm very glad we met online and have gotten to know each other so well.

After talking online for almost seven months, we met in person on December 27, 2002. We spent almost nine days together. We loved each other right away. My parents and sister love him too, but not near as much as I do :-) I love his beautiful brown eyes, I love staring into them. I loved when I looked at him and he looked at me and smiled. He has the cutest smile ever ;-) It was my birthday a few months back and he brought me a birthday present with him, it was a John Deere snow globe, it's really cute, I love it.

I went over to Wisconsin to spend my Sweetie's birthday with him. I got to met his parents, brothers and sisters, grandmas, and some of his friends. They were all very nice people. My sweetie is a farmer, he showed me around their farm and showed me all their farm animals. I enjoyed all the time I spent with him over his birthday.

My family and I are now moved over to Wisconsin. I'm near my Sweetie now, can see him much more.

Update: My Sweetheart and I are now engaged. He asked me to marry him at midnight on New Years eve :o) We were out having a couple drinks with my parents and there was free champange at midnight, so I went to get a couple glasses. When I came back Brandon was holding the ring in his hand and said "Will you marry me?". I was totally shocked when he asked me, it took me a couple minutes to say yes LoL! We want to get married June 10, 2006. I can't wait :o)

Update 2006:Brandon and I are now married. We were married June 10, 2006 at 3:00 pm in the small town we live in. It was a perfect day. The weather was perfect, warm, but not too hot and the sun was shining. Everything went perfect, there isn't anything I would change about our wonderful day :o) We had a professional photographer so, I will be posting a URL to some pictures as soon as we get them back. We went to the Black Hills in South Dakota on our honeymoon. We visited Mt. Rushmore in the cute little town of Keystone, SD. There we got to ride an 1880's train, that was alot of fun. We also visited alot of caves and some gold mines. One cave was 103 feet down in the ground. I almost didn't make it back up LoL! We visited Bear Country USA, that was neat, got to see all kinds of different animals and of course alot of bears. Also visited the cute small town of Deadwood, SD. It's a really pretty area out there, lots of hills and rocks. We were gone for about five days on our honeymoon and had alot of fun with each other. I'm so glad I'm finally married to my Sweetheart :o)

Here is the URL to some of the Wedding Pictures


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